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Christmas Traditions

Posted on November 1, 2018

Christmas Traditions

Hello readers of the Solid Wood Furniture blog, how are you all today? Did everyone enjoy Halloween yesterday or do you like today better when you can have all the sweets that the trick or treaters didn’t take? But anyway November 1st today! November already this year has gone so fast I can’t believe it. Anyway is it too early to start celebrating Christmas? Here in England this is the next thing we celebrate, I know we have bonfire night but that is not exactly a holiday.

In my opinion I still think that we are still at least a fortnight away from the actual Christmas spirit to come. This is because people need to prepared for Christmas by December 1st some people want to put up there decorations for the 1st. In my house we follow the same tradition every year we put the decorations up 14 days before Christmas and take them down 14 days after. As well on Christmas we do the same thing every year. I wake up at around 9 in the morning open all my presents and that but then all of my family go up to my grandmas. After that we all go to the local pub for a few hours and just relax there. Then the best part the Christmas dinner! Unfortunately this is where everyone splits up and goes their separate ways however my parents and I go back to my grandmas as she is the best cook and can make an absolutely lovely Christmas dinner. After we have this feast we leave them and go back home. This is where we can fully relax and put our feet up and watch some more Christmas movies on the Dakota Light Large Media Unit.

Anyway that is my tradition, do you have one? And that has been todays Solid Wood Furniture blog come back tomorrow for the next