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Gaming Nostalgia

Posted on October 26, 2018

man holding controller

Hello Readers of the Solid Wood Furniture blog, how are you all today on this Friday morning? Reports that are coming from the weatherman is that it is going to become frosty today, I don’t know how true this was but all I know is that it was really cold when I woke up. This means that this weekend is going to be a cold one and there is only one solution for that, not leaving your warm house. Getting the central heating on and get wrapped up in your bed.

Personally, I’ll be locked away wrapped up in my bedroom playing my Xbox sat at the Dakota Dark Large Office Desk. This may sound boring for some people but for everyone who has done it you can say you have fond memories of it. I would highly recommend playing these games again and reliving the days of your childhood again. Call of Duty have tried to do this by making games such as WAW and MW2 backwards compatible. As these games were highly regarded games on the old console they tried to bring them back on the new console and be able to play it on them. However this hasn’t worked on any occasion they have done it, for like two weeks everyone plays it then the numbers just keep dwindling down until it is same as it was before. I won’t be playing any of these old games, but I’m undecided whether I want to buy the new game Red Dead Redemption 2 tonight. I’ll probably just wait and see some of the reviews but so far everybody is saying this is a great game but it’s only been out for a few days. It has 60 hours of gameplay which is absolutely amazing because that’s not including side missions.

Anyway after you finish work today it is finally the weekend everyone has been waiting so I hope you get through the day as quick as possible.