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One Day Less!

Posted on February 4, 2019

Man Looking At Calendar

Hello everyone and welcome to another Solid Wood Furniture blog. How are you all today? Hopefully you are all good and that you have had a good start to this depressing Monday morning. Well today is another day so do you know what that means another day closer to the end of this horrid weather and to the start of summer. As well as that it is another day closer to your next plan that you have created. I am absolutely sick of this terrible weather and it is really demotivating, getting out of my warm cosy bed to get into the Baltic conditions is getting harder and harder now that the weather is getting into the negative figures. In my opinion I can’t understand how people find this type of weather better than summer where you can go out every day wearing shorts and a t-shirt rather than wrapping up like you are doing an artic exploration just to go to the end of the street.

Well anyway I shouldn’t be this miserable and ranting on a Monday morning especially after the day I had yesterday. Well saying day I just mean the food that I had which just improved my whole day. Well saying this I had a full weekend of eating lovely food and even though it will probably end up having a negative affect on my body it was worth it. On Saturday night I ordered a Chinese takeaway which was so nice. Then Sunday I ate like a king the whole day. Firstly I had a Full English in the morning which set me up a few hours where I had a Sunday Roast. Which were all eaten on the Dakota Dark Small Table & 2 Dakota Chairs. I am still full now from all of the food that I have encountered with this weekend. Well anyway that has been todays Solid Wood blog I hope you have enjoyed it. Goodbye!